New galleries

The short version: We have new galleries – go see here. The longer version: For a few years this site was affiliated with the JLA Micro Desktop, a Yahoo group run by Jerry Whitworth that use to share desktop wallpaper of the JLA and DC characters. I use to host a selection of the better […]

Trinity confession

There is a nice in depth interview with Kurt Busiek at Wizard conducted by Jerry Whitworth (a some time commenter on this blog and a contributer on other parts of this site). Go read it, contibute to their unique visitor numbers. And thank you Jerry for inspiring the topic of this post. Now I have […]

Where do you get your news?

In my opinion Wizard has been royally eclipsed by Newsarama. Maybe it’s a fashion thing, but Newsarama seems to have the exclusives you use to have to wait for the print version of Wizard to read about. They also have a more polished and mature tone to Wizard’s increasingly immature banter (then again, maybe I’m […]

Dr Light

Presenting the Dick Dastardly of the super-villain set: Doctor Arthur Light. He first appeared in issue 12 of the Silver Age JLA and with each new appearance fought weaker and weaker foes with the vain hope of finally beating one of them. A short imprisonment within the Green Lantern battery has supercharged the Doc and […]

Up and Atom!

You lucky people you! We have not one, but TWO new articles for you this update! First up is mite-y fine profile of the JLA’s resident Tiny Titan provided by Jerry Whitworth (with a few additions from muggins). Be sure to check out Jerry’s new batch of wallpapers in the JLA Desktop section. Secondly, I […]

New Profile + other stuff

It is (or more correctly has been) a lovely sunny spring day in Illinois — pity muggings here is stuck in an inside office. No window . But also NO distractions! So I have quite a large update for you today. The management – the aforementioned muggins – would like to point out that no […]

More wallpaper

Jerry Whitworth has been kind enough to send in five more live action desktop images. This batch includes images of Supergirl, the Ray and a group shot from the ill fated JLA TV pilot. On a minor note I’ve also reformated the Q&A section to conform to the look of the current front page.

Archives and Wallpapers

A couple of new additions to the site this week. Jelly Whitworth has been kind enough to send me a collection of wallpapers he made depicting the live action incarnations of his favourite DC heroes. You can find these images in our new Wallpaper Section. I’ve also put together an expanded archive section for the […]