The New 52, Wave 2

USA Today (here and here) are reporting that DC are cancelling six low-selling books from the New 52 and are launching 6 new books to replacement them in May. The 6 for the can are Men of War, Mister Terrific, O.M.A.C., Hawk and Dove, Blackhawks and Static Shock. Not a terrible shock really, but I had a soft stop for the OMAC title. The loss of two prominent African-American led books (Static Shock and Mister Terrific) would have been a concern if they had been of suitably high quality. Both characters have great potential, but I didn’t see that realized in the New 52 books. Hopefully we’ll see Static back with Titans.

The six replacement series are more interesting. They are Batman Incorporated, Dial H, Worlds’ Finest, G.I. Combat, Earth 2, and The Ravagers. Of particular interest is James Robinson’s Justice Society series, now named “Earth 2″, and a companion title featuring the Earth 2 Power Girl and Huntress and their adventures trapped on the DCU Earth. Quoting from USA Today:

Parallel worlds have been in DC’s wheelhouse for a while, and they waited till the second wave to really get into the nitty-gritty of heroes from other Earths. Writer James Robinson reteams with the Justice Society for the new series Earth 2, which is being drawn by Nicola Scott, while Huntress and Power Girl are stranded on our world and want to return to theirs in Worlds’ Finest, written by Paul Levitz with art by George Perez and Kevin Maguire in rotating story arcs. “What does that mean to be exiles from that Earth 2?” [Bob] Harras says. “We thought it’d be a nice thing to bring this concept back and to really, as we did with the 52 initially, reconceive it and freshen it up.”

Batman Incorporated and Earth 2 should have real staying power. I’m more unsure about the others. I love the idea of Worlds’ Finest, but its success is really going to depend on the execution. The artists should ensure that, but its hard to tell nowadays. I wish the other titles well, but I remain to be sold on them.

The unanswered question: Is the Huntress in the current Huntress series the New 52 Huntress or is she the Earth 2 Huntress?