JL line up toon tumbled?

Is this our first look at the full post-Flashpoint Justice League?  Toon Tumblers are a merchandising company who produced DC and Marvel Comics branded glasses and pitchers. The above artwork was posted to their Facebook page as an SDCC exclusive. They’ll be producing a line of tumblers with a wrap around of the JL for SDCC.

The obvious guess would be that the figures to either side are other members of the JL. These include Deadman, Atom, an unknown woman, and Firestorm on the left and Green Arrow, Hawkman, a blond-haired woman, and Mera on the right. The blond could be Black Canary, but she looks like she’s not in a costume (she’s wearing a coat and scarf).

Jim Lee commented (somewhere I’ll have to dig it out and repost) that they were taking a slightly more corporate look on the Justice League costumes. You can see this with the collars on Aquaman, GL, Superman, and Batman, but also in the shape of the belts/waist detail on GL, Aquaman, WW, Superman, and the Flash. It’s not big stuff, but a lot of subtle stuff. The Batman look reminds me of that from Arkham Asylum and works well – he’s a guy who needs that type of protection – but I’m less sold on Superman’s segment look.

Updated to add that: female character on the left is identified online as Element Woman (DC Women Kick Ass) and the right-hand blond woman is possibly a character called Miranda Shrieve (Blog@Newsarama), both are Flashpoint characters.

[via: DC Women Kicking Ass]