Justice League Dark (updated with cover)

The third Justice League to appear in DC’s brave new world is Justice League Dark. This is a title that was rumoured by Bleeding Cool before all this rearrangement stuff started, but it’s only now that we get details. EW has a profile on DC’s new supernatural books/teams – material that would have once sat within Vertigo – and one of those is the JL Dark.

Justice League Dark, what DC terms “a band of supernatural heroes” — John Constantine, Deadman, Shade the Changing Man and Madame Xanadu (wouldn’t it be cool if they really were supposed to be a band?) – written by Peter Milligan.

Peter Milligan should certainly be a safe pair of hands on these characters (a line I used about Jurgens on the JLI), but it’s not these characters with this writer that worries me. It’s these characters as a Justice League team – hell, as any team for that matter – that worries me. I honestly don’t really see how that team is going to work as a unit.

There are certainly other supernatural characters (Blue Devil, Zatanna, Zauriel, or any of the Shadowpact survivors) that would work better on a team. Deadman and Xanadu are interesting (her last Vertigo series was brilliant), but Shade the Changing Man has always left me cold (I’d prefer The Shade from James Robinson’s Starman). As for Constantine? I don’t know, as with so much to do with his reboot we’ll just have to wait and see.

Updated: The DCU Source have posted the above cover and have listed Mikel Janin as the artist. Mikel Janin was the artist on the “Anger” Green Arrow/Ragmen section of the last 80-Page Giant.  The posted image isn’t by him, but Janin identifies the artist on his DeviantArt page as Ryan Sook.

Looks like we’ve got another black-haired woman on a JL cover – the fishnet gloves do at least suggest Zatanna and she does have previous with Constantine. There is a huge slew of mystical/dark books in the Source post. I happy that Resurrection Man has been, erm, resurrected, but I’m nervous about how well a lot of these titles are going to do.

We are now at four Justice League books and counting – Justice League, Justice League International, Justice League Dark, and Young Justice (the Johnny DC/Earth-16 cartoon tie-in).