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  • Don't blame the mainstream press for spoiling the story, blame the comic company's press officer for telling them in the first pace. #

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Young Justice (vol. 2) #0

Issue Credits


Tuppence Terror: <unnhh> Son, you do pack a wallop…
Superboy: Lady, I’m not your son.
Tuppence Terror: And I ain’t no lady.

Tuppence Terror: Big mistake pissant!
Kid Flash: That’s Kid Pissant to you, sister!

Synopsis "Stopover"

Previously in “Independence Day” and “Fireworks”: Aqualad, Robin, and Kid Flash has hoped that their induction into the Justice League would actually mean something, but it turned out to be more symbolic than real. They sought to prove themselves to the League so they infiltrated Cadmus Labs and liberated a teenage clone of Superman called Superboy. Their fight with Cadmus leveled the above ground facility and brought a response from the full Justice League. Batman told them that they were being stood down, but Aqualad and co stood up to him and for what they had achieved together.

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Justice League: Generation Lost #17

Issue Credits

Judd Winick
Joe Bennett
Jack Jadson and Ruy Jose
Sal Cipriano
Rex Ogle and Brian Cunningham
Cover Colourist
Cover Artist
Aaron Lopresti
Variant Cover Colourist
Variant Cover Artist
Kevin Maguire


Blue Beetle: Yep. A whole new wide world of suckage.

Synopsis "Code Blue"

Previously: The Justice League International’s headquarters have come under-attack from Maxwell Lord’s new Creature Commandos. The JLI had been separated with Fire and Ice in the sick bay and the others outside. Booster had decided to withdraw and ordered the Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) to find Fire and Ice. However,  Jaime was singled out for attack by the Commandos and was kidnapped by Maxwell Lord while the other heroes were incapacitated.

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  • The episode guide for #youngjustice "Welcome To Happy Harbour" is now up http://bit.ly/hwsuor That took a lot longer than I expected to. #
  • I liked the 3rd episode of #youngjustice High production values, but slightly bland plot in places. Although not bad for a third episode. #

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Young Justice: Welcome to Happy Harbor

Screen Shots

Episode Credits


Jesse McCartney
Miss Martian
Danica McKellar
Nolan North
Khary Payton
Kid Flash
Jason Spisak
Khary Payton
Red Tornado
Jeff Glenn Bennett (as Jeff Bennett)
T.O. Morrow
Jeff Glenn Bennett (as Jeff Bennett)
Mr. Twister
John De Lancie
Brom Stikk
John De Lancie
Crispin Freeman
Stephanie Lemelin


Kevin Hopps
Jay Oliva
Kristopher Carter, Michael McCuistion, and Lolita Ritmanis
Voice Director
Jamie Thomason
Animation Director
Daegu Heh, Hyeoksoo Lee, and Myeonghwan Park
Animation Timing Director
James Tim Walker
Character Design
Dusty Abell and Jerome Moore
Jay Baker, Tim Divar, and Phil Langone
Animation Services
Lotto Animation
Lead Character Designer
Phil Bourassa
Prop Design
Alexander Kubalsky
Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman
Executive Producer
Sam Register


Robin: The bad guys know we know that they know about the place so they’d never think to look here.
Kid Flash: What he means is we’re hiding in plain sight.

Robin: Fast with his feet, not so fast with his mouth.
Kid Flash: Dude!

Synopsis "Welcome To Happy Harbor"

Previously in “Independence Day” and “Fireworks”: The sidekicks Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Robin had sought to prove themselves to the Justice League by infiltrating Cadmus Labs. In the process they liberated a teenage clone of Superman called Superboy and found a new purpose as their own team. However, Batman was unwilling just to let this new teen team run loose so he drafted them as a new covert branch of the Justice League proper. Based in the League’s original Cave headquarters the four boys, plus Miss Martian, will be mentored by the Red Tornado and trained by the Black Canary.

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Power Girl #20

Credits: Written by Judd Winick; art by Sami Basri; coloured by Sunny Gho and Jessica Kholinne; lettered by John J. Hill;  edited by Rachel  Gluckstern (associate) and Mike Carlin; cover by Basri and Gho.

Synopsis “Beasts of Burden”: Power Girl has followed the trail of Divine (her raven-haired clone) to a cloaked facility in Vietnam. Professor Anthony Ivo introduces himself and tells PG that she has found the location of the new Cadmus Project. He then sets his menagerie of genetically engineered monsters on her (including a four-armed albino King Kong called “Caspian”) with the expectation that they would stop her getting inside. However, PG just brushes them aside and flies straight through all of Ivo’s safeguards. She plugs s USB transmitter into a computer console allowing Nicco to download their database while she continues to explore. Nicco decides that he has to do something with the mountain on unencrypted intel so he forwards it to the Batcave for archiving. PG discovers that Ivo has even cloned Krypto (Superman’s dog), but the Krypto clone recognises her as a kryptonian and starts helping her. They have the upper hand until Maxwell Lord arrives and shuts down Power Girl’s opposition with his mind control. He then makes her believe that Captain Atom was responsible for Magog’s murder and that it’s her duty to take down the JLI.

Continuity: The Batman that Nicco calls is Bruce Wayne (raised bat-emblem with the yellow oval). Whether this is deliberate or whether it’s an art mistake will have to wait for a following issue. The end of this issue takes place simultaneously with Justice League: Generation Lost #17 and continues in Justice League: Generation Lost #18.

Opinion: Another great issue from Winick and Basri. The emotional turmoil that PG faced last issue is pushed to one side as she does some monster punching. Why do I get the feeling that Anthony Ivo has had way too much fun working for Max. That old scientist must be a real movie buff considering the monsters and Creature Commandos that he’s been manufacturing (either that or he’s a pokemon fan). “Clambake”, the big clone of Krypto, was also fun and I hope they’ll keep him around. This issue finally leads directly into Generation Lost and there is some relief that we’re moving beyond the investigation phase of PG character arc.

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  • It's Friday, it's #youngjustice day. Today is the premier broadcast on CN of the 3rd YJ episode "Welcome to Happy Harbour". #
  • Find original material on the stagnant Justice League: Mortal is tough. There was so much reblogging that sources become almost invisible. #
  • Meet Mister Twister @mtvsplashpage EXCLUSIVE 'Young Justice' Episode 3 Clip: Meet Mister Twister! http://ow.ly/3HXcp #

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JLA Solicitations for April 2011

DC’s Solicitations for April 2011 are now online. Generation Lost reaches its final issue and the ultimate confrontation with Maxwell Lord. The big addition to this months solicitations are DC’s new age ratings.These run from E for everybody, to T for Teen (12 and older in their definition), T+ for older teens (16 years and older), and mature which is pretty much what they’d had on the Vertigo line. Under this system both Justice League of America and Justice League: Generation Lost are rated Teen while Young Justice is rating E. I understand why people want rating, but I’ve normally found them to be pretty useless.


The Justice League are firmly in the grasp of Eclipso this month as “The Rise of Eclipso” continues. We also get an 80-page giant that themed towards horror/dark foes. I’m unfamiliar with the talent-line up, but it’s interesting to see Superman, Martian Manhunter, and Wonder Woman back on a JLA cover.

Justice League of America (vol. 2) #56

  • Credits: Writer: James Robinson; Penciller: Brett Booth; Inker: Norm Rapmund; Colourist: Andrew Dalhouse; Letterer: Rob Leigh; Cover Penciller: Brett Booth; Cover Inker: Norm Rapmund; Cover Colourist: Andrew Dalhouse; Variant Cover Artist: David Mack; Associate Editor: Rex Ogle; Executive Editor: Eddie Berganza
  • Solicitation copy:“The Rise of Eclipso” continues as the JLA and the villainous lord of darkness have a showdown on the dark side of the moon!
  • Published:20 April 2011
  • Length:32 pages
  • Cost:$2.99

Young Justice (vol. 2) #3

  • Credits: Writer: Art Baltazar and Franco; Artist: Mike Norton; Colourist: Alex Sinclair; Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual; Cover Artist: Mike Norton; Cover Colourist: Alex Sinclair; Editor: Michael McCalister and Jim Chadwick
  • Solicitation copy:
  • Published:20 April 2011
  • Length:
  • Cost:$2.99


Justice League of America 80-Page Giant 2011

  • Credits: Writer: Adam Glass, Steve Yockey, Pepe Caldelas, Joe Prado, David Macho, Marc Bernardin, Roberto Cruz, and Frank Mastromaro; Artist: Dennis Calero, Mikel Janin, Joe Prado, Miguel Munera, Vicente Cifuentes, and Scott McDaniel; Colourist: Hi-Fi, Barbara Ciardo, Stefani Rennee, Rod Reis, Javier Mena, Marcelo Maiolo, Nathan Eyring, and Kyle Ritter; Letterer: Jarad K. Fletcher, Rob Leigh, Patrick Brosseau, Dezi Sienty, Travis Lanham, John J. Hill, Dave Sharpe, and Carlos M. Mangual; Penciller: Marco Castiello, Emanuela Lupacchino, Ig Guara, and Rodney Buchemi; Inker: Vincenzo Acunzo, Guillermo Ortego, Rodney Ramos, and Jose Marzan; Special Thanks: Diego Garcia; Cover Artist: Art Germ; Editor: Kate Stewart and Rex Ogle; Executive Editor: Eddie Berganza
  • Solicitation copy:As the team faces Eclipso in the the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, Adam Glass, producer/writer for TV’s Supernatural, joins other talents to take us on a journey revealing key battles between the World’s Greatest Heroes and mystical, hellish beings, including the Demon, Zatanna – and an object that could blackened the heroes’ very souls
  • Published:6 April 2011
  • Length:80 pages
  • Cost:$5.99


JLA #55 was part of the “Rein of Doomsday” crossover as it meanders through DC’s line. The next part is also by JLA writer James Robinson and appeared in the Superman/Batman Annual.

Superman/Batman Annual #5

  • Solicitation copy:Picking up where March’s JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #55 left off, “Reign of Doomsday” amps up the danger as Supergirl and Batman are trapped aboard the Justice League satellite with Cyborg Superman and Doomsday — and both villians want to tear them limb from limb! A “who’s who” of the DCU shows up to aid in the battle, but there’s something different about Doomsday — something even the Justice League of America might not be prepared for! The story continues in this month’s SUPERBOY #6!
  • Published:6 April 2011
  • Length:56 pages
  • Cost:$4.99

Justice League: Generation Lost

Justice League: Generation Lost concluded with the double-sized issue #24. It’s been a long road getting here with two-years worth of stories compressed into a single year.

Justice League: Generation Lost #23

  • Credits: Writer: Judd Winick; Penciller: Fernando Dagnino; Inker: Raul Fernandez; Colourist: Hi-Fi; Editor: Brian Cunningham and Rex Ogle; Cover Artist: Dustin Nguyen; Variant Cover Artist: Aaron Lopresti; Variant Cover Colourist: Hi-Fi
  • Solicitation copy:In issue #23, WONDER WOMAN and the JLI find themselves face-to-face with the ultimate weapon Maxwell Lord has been planning since the beginning of GENERATION LOST. The world seems to be revolting against the human race. Can our heroes defeat Lord’s machinations?
  • Published:13 April 2011
  • Length:32 pages
  • Cost:$2.99

Justice League: Generation Lost #24

  • Credits: Writer: Judd Winick; Penciller: Aaron Lopresti; Inker: Matt Ryan; Colourist: Hi-Fi; Letterer: Travis Lanham; Cover Artist: Dustin Nguyen; Variant Cover Artist: Kevin Maguire; Variant Cover Colourist: Hi-Fi; Editor: Rex Ogle and Brian Cunningham
  • Solicitation copy:And in the extra-sized issue #24, the final battle is here! But who will be the victor?
  • Published:27 April 2011
  • Length:48 pages
  • Cost:$4.99

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“The Rise of Eclipso” sneak-peaks

Today (Wednesday 19th) sees the publication of JLA #53 the last part of JLA: Omega (preview here) and the last issue to be pencilled by Mark Bagley. Mark has been a DC exclusive artist for a few years now providing art for Kurt Busiek’s Trinity weekly and then Justice League of America. He’s now returned to Marvel to kill Spider-Man. His replacement at DC on JLA is Brett Booth who has already done the art for Starman/Congorilla #1. Booth has commented on his blog that he’s on the series “through the summer” at least.

The next big story-arc is called the “Rise of Eclipso” and starts in JLA #54 with a story focusing on Eclipso. DC recently showed off three-pages of Booth’s pencils on their blog.

The preview shows Eclipso gathering a group of shadow powered individuals including the Shade and Nightshade of the Shadowpact, both of whom are noted as being missing by Congo Bill during Starman/Congorilla. The third character shown is Arcata a Mexican shadow-teleporter from the Planet DC Annuals.

DC also teased other details from thee arc including:

  • Shade.
  • Doomsday.
  • Blue Lantern Saint Walker joins the League to ensure that all will be well.
  • Alpha Lantern Boodikka and Supergirl on the trail of the Cyborg Superman.
  • The return of one of the DCU’s classic villains, Eclipso.

A lot of those events – Cyborg Superman, Doomsday, and Saint Walker – show up in JLA #55 as a chapter of the “Rein of Doomsday” crossover. Doomsday has reappeared and has been attacking/kidnapping the four heroes who appeared in Metropolis following his murder of Superman. The crossover continues in Superman/Batman Annual #5 (cover shown below) which will be written by Justice League writer James Robinson with art by Miguel Sepulveda.

The annual is a team-up between the JLA’s Batman and Supergirl against Doomsday.